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Jiaoxing Transmission was born in 1985. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to providing high-precision and high-efficiency reducer products and overall transmission solutions for the industrial transmission field in line with the mission of "connecting the world and driving the future". Create value for users in the transmission industry, and promote the overall development of the transmission industry through continuous technological innovation and change, and save resources for the society.

After years of continuous development and precipitation, the company has 223 employees, including 32 professional technical R&D teams, which have developed precision planetary gears, precision double-lead, hypoid gears, and planetary bevels for global channel users. Transmissions and other series of reducer products have been successfully used in the food, environmental protection, medical, mining, petroleum machinery and solar energy industries.

Jiaoxing Transmission will adhere to the "precision reducer" focus strategy from the perspective of the future, establish a complete sales channel and service network worldwide, and provide users in the global transmission industry with the best reducer products and transmission solutions.

JONSTAR Development History
  • 1985

    Jiaoxing was established, formerly known as “Haimen Planetary Transmission Factory

    Founded Jiaoxing


    Start to develop “Planetary disc continuously variable transmission”;

  • 1989

    “Planetary disc continuously variable transmission” was introduced to the market and was successful;

    Develop Jiaoxing


    Jiaoxing began the “second-generation” inheritance, the first-generation business entities all withdrew from the business work, and the “second-generation” business entities took over the company’s further development;

  • 2003

    Start to enter the international market

    Focus on Jiaoxing


    The company's sales exceeded 100 million yuan and entered a new stage of rapid development

  • 2015

    The company moved to the existing plant as a whole;

    Jingjin Jiaoxing


    The planetary gear reducer was successfully developed and launched into the market;

Jiaoxing's entrepreneurship
  • That was the best era and the worst era!

    We are the witnesses, pioneers and practitioners of reform and opening up. We hope to plunge into the high tide and compete for freedom.

    In 1985, the door to reform and opening up was slowly opened. There were opportunities and crises. Three young people with dreams gave up their stable positions and golden jobs in state-owned enterprises, and with scarce funds, they started the development of the "Planetary Disc Continuously Variable Transmission", and everything ahead is full of unknowns.……

  • JONSTAR Early start
The first stop is not smooth
Research and development of planetary disc reducer


The development of the planetary disc continuously variable transmission has not been smooth sailing. In the early stage of reform and opening up, the society was still relatively closed and the information was relatively blocked. Is troubled by a series of problems such as imperfections

First generation product

Planetary disc stepless transmission


The development of the planetary disc continuously variable transmission has not been smooth sailing. In the early stage of reform and opening up, the society was still relatively closed and the information was relatively blocked. Is troubled by a series of problems such as imperfections

Inheritance and development
Stable development of the enterprise and second-generation inheritance

经After 15 years of development, the company has begun to take shape and has the ability to develop a full range of reducers.

Entering the new century, in order to inject "fresh blood" and "power of youth" into the enterprise, the enterprise has begun the second generation of inheritance. The first generation of business entities all withdrew from the management decision level, and the second generation began to take over Continue the technical exploration and enterprise development of the reducer.


The company continues to develop at a high speed, with a turnover of breaking 100 million yuan

Inheritance and development

The company continues to develop rapidly

After 15 years of meticulous management and development by the first-generation business entities, the company has accumulated a solid technical foundation, and the company has begun to take shape, laying a solid foundation for further upward development.

The second-generation business entity took over the company's management and management, and started the transformation of the company from a traditional workshop company to a modern management company.

Municipal Enterprise Technology Center

National high-tech enterprise

Jiaoxing Transmission R&D Center is a municipal-level enterprise technology center. It has been established for 35 years. It has been adhering to the spirit of “inheritance of ingenuity and facing the future”, with the mission of “connecting the world and driving the future” to study the global transmission industry The latest development trend has developed a series of high-quality reducers for users in the transmission industry. In the special field of reducer research and development, we have a total of 32 professional engineers team, which can provide customized transmission matching solutions for global users; we have more than 1,000 square meters of research and development test sites, and have introduced the world's top research and development test equipment. All R&D programs have been rigorously and reliably verified; at the same time, Jiaoxing Transmission uses 3% of its annual turnover as R&D special funds to explore the most foreword transmission technology.
JONSTAR Product development
  • Jiaoxing Today

    The investment in high-precision process equipment, the construction of modern manufacturing workshops, the introduction of cutting-edge inspection and analysis equipment, and the completion of the construction of an information system that integrates planning, ordering, manufacturing, and inspection, and the production process execution management system of the manufacturing enterprise With the completion of the construction, Jiaoxing has completed the transition from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a modern management enterprise.
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